SOAS University of London

Centre of African Studies


Centre members teach within a wide variety of courses at the undergraduate and at the postgraduate level.

Undergraduate degrees

Within the departmental structure of the colleges of the University of London, and particularly within the School of Oriental and African Studies, where the Centre is based, undergraduate degrees giving emphasis on Africa can be followed in many subjects, including anthropology, art and archaeology, development economics, development studies, economics, geography, history, law, music, politics, religious studies, languages, cultures and literature. In many instances it is possible to combine an emphasis on a number of these subjects within one degree, or one can specialise in any one field. For greater focus, the BA African Studies degree has been available in SOAS since 1990. Nearly 100 students have since graduated from this innovative multidisciplinary programme (currently an average of 20 per year), which includes study of an African language as an important element.

Masters degrees

At the Masters level, the Centre itself convenes a University of London MA African Studies degree, in which participants can select options from a similar range of disciplines as offered at the undergraduate level. Other Masters programmes that can also accommodate an emphasis on Africa include the following:

  • MA African/Asian History [SOAS]
  • MA African Literature [SOAS]
  • MA African Studies [SOAS]
  • MA Anthropology and Sociology of Religion [King's]
  • MA Comparative Literature (Africa/Asia) [SOAS]
  • MSc Development Economics [SOAS]
  • MSc Development Studies [SOAS]
  • MA Eastern/African Christianity [SOAS]
  • MSc Economic History [LSE]
  • MSc Economics with reference to Africa [SOAS]
  • MA Environment and Development [SOAS]
  • MMus Ethnomusicology [SOAS]
  • MSc Geography of Third World Development [Royal Holloway]
  • MA History of Art and/or Archaeology [SOAS]
  • MA History and Culture of Medicine [SOAS]
  • MA Imperial and Commonwealth History [King's]
  • MA International Boundary Studies [SOAS]
  • MSc International Politics of Asia and Africa [SOAS]
  • MSc International Relations [LSE]
  • MA Language in Africa with Linguistics [SOAS]
  • LLM Law [SOAS]
  • MA Medical Anthropology [SOAS]
  • MA Oriental and African Religions [SOAS]
  • MSc Politics of Asia and Africa [SOAS]
  • MSc Politics of Empire and Post-Imperialism [LSE]
  • MA Portuguese Studies [King's]
  • MA Social Anthropology [SOAS]
  • MA Social Anthropology of Development [SOAS]

And the Language Centre at SOAS offers a range of language courses - full-/part-time, day/evening, group/individual - in a variety of African and Asian languages.

Doctoral degrees by research

At least 100 doctoral dissertations on Africa have been produced under the supervision of members of the Centre at SOAS alone since 1990. Taking into account Africanist doctorates submitted within other constituent colleges of the University of London, the number supervised by Centre members is likely to approach 150. A sample listing of recently completed theses, illustrating the range of doctoral research undertaken under the supervision of members of the Centre, is included elsewhere in this site.