SOAS University of London

Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS)

CCLPS Critical Forum

Wednesdays 15:15-17:00, Room B111, Brunei Gallery, SOAS
Prof Francesca Orsini (

The aim of the CCLPS Critical Forum is to foster a culture of research and critical debate across SOAS in which the idiomatic differences of regional expertise are articulated and brought to a focus through debates over comparative critical methods and the examination of theoretical, critical, ideological and cultural premises underlying the academic disciplines of Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies and Postcolonial Studies, in an informal environment.

  • The Forum will offer a context for CCLPS members across the School and for Second and Third Year PhD Candidates to come together and present
  • briefly on the critical methods and theoretical frames relevant to their research projects.
  • The discussions that are hoped to follow these brief presentations will be guided in two directions:
    • The laying of grounds for future comparative projects and publications, highlighting the unique range of expertise at SOAS,
    • through which veritable contribution to the main stream of critical and theoretical debates in the three disciplines is potentially outlined.
    • Offering and demonstrating a range of research skills and analytic tools through which PhD Candidates are able to place their work
    • and plan their research careers under one of the disciplines.
  • The Forum is also hoped to begin the work of outlining the Agency of non-European critical traditions:
    • First making these traditions available in translation and in debate.
    • Bringing these traditions into genuine debate with western theory and critical methods.

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