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Fees for 2017/18 entrants. This is a Band 1 fee. The fees are per academic year. Please note that fees go up each year. Further details can be found in the Fees and Funding tab on this page or in the Registry Postgraduate Tuition Fees page

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Start of programme: September

Mode of Attendance: Full Time or Part Time

The MA Postcolonial Studies Programme offers a focus on the historical relationships of power, domination and practices of imperialism and colonialism in the modern period (late nineteenth-century to the present) through the study of literature and culture. 

The core module will introduce a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to the literature, film and media of these areas. A range of literary, filmic and theoretical texts from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Near and Middle East will normally be included in the reading list. These will address representations of colonialism and decolonisation, neo-colonialism, nationalism in postcolonial societies and diasporic experiences, allowing us to explore the heterogeneous meanings, intersections and strategies of analysis that have emerged with reference to postcolonial studies. 

Attention will be paid to colonial and postcolonial constructs such as: the Oriental, the Global, the Cosmopolitan, the Third World and the multicultural. The core module of the programme introduces and analyses interdisciplinary theories and ideological practices around a set of historical and current issues from various regions of Asia and Africa. The range of minors offers students more opportunities to explore interdisciplinarity and regional specificities.

Why this programme is special at SOAS

Postcolonial MA Programmes offered in London and other UK institutions are located within the field of English Studies or the Social Sciences. The Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS) is uniquely positioned to offer an inter-disciplinary Postcolonial Studies MA programme which gives students an opportunity to understand and negotiate the field of postcolonial studies with recourse to interdisciplinarity and to theoretical explications from the regions of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. SOAS offers a unique range of regional expertise available amongst the CCLPS’s faculty membership. The Programme also offers a timely intervention at a time when there is a national and international crisis in the understanding of multiculturalism, race relations and religious and national affiliations.



The Programme will consist of modules to the value of 3 units and a dissertation of 10,000 words. Students take three units (one core, two options) and write a 10,000 word dissertation associated with the core unit. Part time students are required to take the core unit in Year 1 of their study.

Students may take one language acquisition module at appropriate level as one of their options. All postgraduate language modules offered by the departments of the Faculty of Languages and Cultures are available; for details of module offerings see the departmental websites (Africa, China and Inner Asia, Japan and Korea, Near and Middle East, South Asia, South East Asia).

Core Module
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Postcolonial Theory and Practice 15PCSC003 1 Unit Full Year
Course options (non-language modules)
Regional Literatures and Cultures:
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Modern Palestinian Literature (PG) 15PNMC379 1 Unit Full Year
Travelling Africa: Writing the Cape to Cairo 15PAFC139 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
Modern Japanese Literature (Masters) 15PEAH012 0.5 Unit Term 2
Modern Chinese Literature in Translation 15PCHC002 1 Unit Full Year
Traditional Chinese Literature in Translation 15PCHC004 1 Unit Full Year
Literatures in African languages 15PAFC124 1 Unit Full Year
Literatures of South Asia 15PSAC284 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
Imagining Pakistan: culture, politics, gender (MA) 15PSAC313 1 Unit Full Year
Social and Political Dimensions of Modern Arabic Literature 15PNMC347 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
War, Revolution and Independence in South East Asia Literatures in Translation (Masters) 15PSEH009 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
English Literatures of South East Asia 15PSEH013 0.5 Unit Term 1
Under Western Eyes: European Writings on South East Asia (PG) 15PSEH017 0.5 Unit Term 2
Translating Cultures 15PJKC029 1 Unit Full Year
Modern Bengal: the Evolution of Bengali Culture and Society from 1690 to the Present Day (MA) 15PSAC289 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
African Philosophy (PG) 15PAFH008 0.5 Unit Term 1
Afrophone Philosophies (PG) 15PAFH009 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Media and Film:
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Years of Radical change: South Korean cinema from the 'New Wave' to the new millenium 15PJKH009 0.5 Unit Term 1
Japanese Transnational Cinema: From Kurosawa to Asia Extreme and Studio Ghibli 15PJKH007 0.5 Unit Term 1
Japanese Post-War Film Genres and the Avant-Garde 15PJKH008 0.5 Unit Term 2
Indian Cinema: Its History and Social Context 15PSAH001 0.5 Unit Term 1
Indian Cinema: Key Issues 15PSAH002 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Modern Chinese Film and Theatre (MA) 15PCHH001 0.5 Unit Term 1
Modern Film from Taiwan and the Chinese Diaspora 15PCHH002 0.5 Unit Term 2
The Story of African Film: Narrative Screen Media in Africa 15PAFH006 0.5 Unit Term 1
Aspects of African film and video 2 15PAFH007 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Curating Africa: African Film and Video in the Age of Festivals 15PAFH010 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Realism and Magical Realism in the Afrophone Novel (PG) 15PAFC146 1 Unit Full Year Not Running 2016/2017
Film and Society in the Middle East 15PNMC230 1 Unit Full Year
Post-crisis Thai Cinema (1997-2007) 15PSEH008 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Vietnam on Screen (PG) 15PSEH014 0.5 Unit Term 1 Not Running 2016/2017
Indonesia on Screen(PG) 15PSEH015 0.5 Unit Term 1
(Post) Colonialism and Otherness in South East Asia on Screen 15PSEH010 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Global Media and Postnational Communication: Theoretical & Contemporary Issues 15PMSC003 1 Unit Full Year
Gender Studies:
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
Genders and Sexualities in South East Asian Film 15PSEH011 0.5 Unit Term 2 Not Running 2016/2017
Gendering migration & diasporas 15PGNH002 0.5 Unit Term 1
Diaspora Studies:
ModuleCodeUnit valueTermAvailability
African and Asian Diasporas in the Modern World 15PANH010 0.5 Unit Term 1
African and Asian Cultures in Britain 15PANH009 0.5 Unit Term 2
Transnational Communities and Diasporic Media:Networking, Connectivity, Identity 15PMSH004 0.5 Unit Term 2


Important information for 2017/18 applicants

For the 2017 academic year, SOAS has introduced a new academic framework for all of our postgraduate taught courses. The new model will mean that taught programmes are now made up of four units each worth 30 credits – our current structure is based on three units – plus dissertation. This approach is in line with PG programmes in most other universities.

In practice this means that there will be additional choice of modules for students taking PG taught programmes in 2017. The modules set out here represent the options available in the programme in 2016. In most cases, our 2017 programmes will contain these options plus additional modules – broadening the range of what is available on your programme.

Programme Specification


Teaching and Learning

Fees and funding

Tuition Fees

Full details of postgraduate tuition fees can be found on the Registry's Postgraduate Tuition Fees page.

This is a Band 1 tuition fee.

Fees for 2017/18 entrants. The fees below are per academic year. Please note that fees go up each year. 

Full-timePart-time 2 YearsPart-time 3 Years
£8,785 £18,075 £4,393 £9,038 £2,928 £6,025
Felix Non- Indian Scholarship

Application Deadline: 2017-01-31 17:00

Felix Scholarships

Application Deadline: 2017-01-31 17:00

John Loiello AFSOAS FISH Scholarship

Application Deadline: 2017-02-22 17:00

Sasakawa Postgraduate Studentship

Application Deadline: 2017-02-22 17:00

The Prospect Burma Scholarship

Application Deadline: 2017-02-22 17:00

For further details and information on external scholarships visit the Scholarships section


MA Post Colonial Studies graduates gain competency in intercultural awareness and understanding. Familiarity with the subject wiill be developed through the study of literature, film and media of these areas. Graduates leave SOAS with a portfolio of widely transferable skills which employers seek in many professional and management careers, both in business and in the public sector. These include:written and oral communication skills; attention to detail; analytical and problem-solving skills; and the ability to research, amass and order information from a variety of sources. A postgraduate degree is a valuable experience that provides students with a body of work and a diverse range of skills that they can use to market themselves with when they graduate.

For more information about Graduate Destinations from this department, please visit the Careers Service website.

A Student's Perspective

The interdisciplinary nature of the program creates a profound synthesis of academic fields that is invigorating and challenging. I can't recommend this course enough for anyone who wants to understand the complexities of our contemporary world.

Tetsuhiko Endo


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