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openGlobal Rights

openGlobal Rights is a multilingual and international ezine that publishes debates on human rights in the Global South directed by James Ron (Harold E. Stassen Chair in International Affairs, University of Minnesota).  CCRJ, under the direction of Leslie Vinjamuri (co-director of CCRJ), contributed to the launch of this platform and sponsored it during 2013.  

The international human rights movement is no longer in its adolescence. It has become highly professionalized in many parts and encompasses a mature, global network of thinkers, organizations, and policies. We also underestimate its diversity when we refer to a single movement. Access to the debates that shape the international human rights movement has been restricted. And, previously, there have not been many broadly accessible platforms for debate about advocacy strategies, funding, successes, and failures. openGlobal Rights aims to provide this with its multi-lingual ezine platform for discussing global human rights.

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