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Attributions, Contributions & Bibliographical Abbreviations


Several colleagues helped at the initial stage by supplying material, most notably Prof. Dr K. Hecker. Since the archive was created, much Mari material was received from Moshe Anbar, and other contributions came from a number of scholars. A start has been made on absorbing the CAD R: much work has been done for this by Dr Simon Sherwin, and the first few revised entries are now included.

Warm thanks go to all those who have contributed, and their entries are marked with their initials (see list of Contributors below). Where a date appears after the initials, this is the date on which the contribution was sent in by the contributor (this not necessarily being equal to the date on which the contribution was processed and put online).

Not all entries can be traced to their originator, especially when they were supplied by one of the editorial team in the course of their routine work on the dictionary. Where a new proposal is the brainchild of one editor, this is usually indicated so as to absolve the other editors from responsibility.


Contributors' initials as used in the list of lemmata:

MAMoshe Anbar
RBRykle Borger
SMDStephanie Dalley
RERoland Enmarch
JFJeanette Fincke
KFKarljürgen Feuerherm
ARGAndrew George
KHKarl Hecker
MJMichael Jursa
AKAnne Kilmer
JVKWJames Kinnier Wilson
JNPJohn Nicholas Postgate
EREleanor Robson
DSDaniel Schwemer
PSPeter Steinkeller
MSMarten Stol*
JTJon Taylor
NVNiek Veldhuis
NWNathan Wasserman
WGWWilfred G. Watson
MLWMartin West
MJWMartin Worthington

* Changes attributed to Stol without bibliographical reference derive from his review article (Bi.Or. 57 (2000) 625-9).

Bibliographical abbreviations

Apart from standard Assyriological abbreviations:

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