SOAS University of London

Centre for Development Policy and Research

Aid Effectiveness

Research Interests

  • National Ownership and Conditionality
  • Reforming the IMF and World Bank
  • Structural Adjustment 
  • Aid Dependency 
  • Aid in Situations of Conflict and Natural Disaster 
  • The Role of NGOs and Civil Society
  • The Impact of Emerging Donors
Relevant CDPR Publications

‘Cash-on-Delivery’ Aid: A Red Herring or the Future of Aid?, Development Viewpoint No. 62 (pdf; 200kb)

A Post-2015 Development Agenda: What Is the Role of ODA?, Development Viewpoint No. 54 (pdf; 105kb)

Has the IMF Abandoned Neoliberalism?, Development Viewpoint No. 51 (pdf; 113kb)

Why Aid Does Not Increase Savings Rates in Sub-Saharan Africa?, Development Viewpoint No. 23 (pdf; 60kb)

Why Upholding Humanitarian Principles Does Not Protect Aid Workers (pdf; 144kb)

Has Policy-Based Lending by the IMF and World Bank Been Effective in the Arab World? (pdf; 107kb)

After Structural Adjustment, Then What? Lending Selectivity by the World Bank (pdf; 108kb)

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