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Centre for Development Policy and Research

Financial Systems and Crises

Research Interests

  • Financialisation and Regulation
  • Causes of Financial Crises
  • Links between the Real and Financial Sectors
  • Developing Alternative Financial and Macroeconomic Policies (Internationally and Nationally)
  • Alternative Banking Systems (e.g. Islamic Banking)
Relevant CDPR Publications

The Role of Labour in Shielding Mexican Banks from the Financial Crisis, Development Viewpoint No. 48 (pdf; 117kb)

The Crisis of Financialised Capitalism: Highlighting the Urgent Need for Public Banks, Development Viewpoint No. 47 (pdf; 108kb)

Financial Integration Intensifies New Vulnerabilities: Brazil in the Global Financial Crisis, Development Viewpoint No. 42 (pdf; 109kb)

Capital Controls and the Current Financial Crisis: Revisiting the Malaysian Experience, Development Viewpoint No. 35 (pdf; 1184kb)

The Downside of "Financialisation" of International Commodity Markets, Development Viewpoint No. 32 (pdf; 110kb)

The Roots of the Global Financial Crisis, Development Viewpoint No. 28 (pdf; 114kb)

Global Financial Crisis and Recession: What Could Happen to Major Emerging Economies?, Development Viewpoint No.26 (pdf; 121kb)

Addressing the Financial Crisis Requires Improvements in Equity (pdf; 112kb)

The Role of Developing-Country Reserve Accumulation in the Current Financial Crisis (pdf; 107kb)

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