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Channels of Globalisation

Research Interests

  • Political Economy of Globalisation
  • Global Value Chains
  • Globalisation and the State
  • Linking Commodity and Financial Markets
  • Commodity Price Volatility
  • Global Imbalances and the Impact of Major Emerging Economies
Relevant CDPR Publications

Getting Real about Food Prices, Development Viewpoint No.58 (pdf; 267kb)

The 2007-2008 World Food Crisis: Focusing on the Structural Causes, Development Viewpoint No. 46 (pdf; 174kb)

Are Pacific Island States Losing Their Rights to Tuna Resources?, Development Viewpoint No. 43 (pdf; 135kb)

Financial Integration Intensifies New Vulnerabilities: Brazil in the Global Financial Crisis, Development Viewpoint No. 42 (pdf; 109kb)

The Downside of "Financialisation" of International Commodity Markets, Development Viewpoint No. 32 (pdf; 110kb)

Assessing the Impact of Commodity Prices on Producers in Low-Income Countries, Development Viewpoint No. 27 (pdf; 107kb)

Exchange Rate Management for Commodity Booms:Examining Zambia’s Copper Exports (pdf; 79kb)

How Globalised Production Exploits Informal-Sector Workers: Investigating the Indian Garment Sector (pdf; 84kb)

Greater Africa-China Economic Cooperation: Will This Widen 'Policy Space'? (pdf; 55kb)

Will Pinning the Blame on China Help Correct Global Imbalances?, Policy Brief No. 2 (pdf; 372kb)

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