SOAS University of London

Centre for Development Policy and Research

Governance and Institutions

Research Interests

  • Institutional Economics
  • Corruption
  • Patron-Client Networks
  • Legal and Institutional Reform
  • Corporate Governance
  • Democratisation
  • Political Economy of Institutions
Relevant CDPR Publications

Nepal's Peace Process: Does Ethnic Inclusion Mean Economic Inclusion?, Development Viewpoint No. 49 (pdf; 110kb)

Why Has Domestic Revenue Stagnated in Low-Income Countries?, Development Viewpoint No. 41 (pdf; 112kb)

The 2009 Uprising in Iran: The Need to Dispel Prevailing Misconceptions, Development Viewpoint No. 39 (pdf; 260kb)

Britain's Idealisation of Africa: Is 'Doing Good' Good Enough?, Development Viewpoint No. 38 (pdf; 251kb)

Institutional Reforms to Protect China's Water Resources: Focus on the Pearl River Basin, Development Viewpoint No. 33 (pdf; 225kb)

Has Policy-Based Lending by the IMF and World Bank Been Effective in the Arab World? (pdf; 107kb)

After Structural Adjustment, Then What? Lending Selectivity by the World Bank (pdf; 108kb)

Why is the Tax System so Ineffective and Regressive in Latin America? (pdf; 50kb)

In the Economics Department Professor  Professor Mushtaq Khan works on the political economy of institutions. Dr. Stephanie Blankenburg specialises on the role of institutions in growth and economic development. Within the Development Studies Department Dr. Subir Sinha conducts research into institutional change and social movements, with a focus on South Asia; while Dr. Jonathan di John's interests focus on the political economy of taxation and institutional change in the Latin American context.