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CeDAAME: Projects

Projects in progress

  1. CeDAAME itself is a project, sponsored by JISC, and running from September 2009 until February 2011
  2. Furer-Haimendorf Collection of images from India and Nepal. This project has been sponsored by JISC and is nearing completion. Most images are on-line at SOAS Digital Archives and Special Collections. The Web site that delivers this and other collection is constantly being developed, so please check periodically for updates and leave us feedback using the link on the site.
  3. Islamic Manuscripts Gallery. A joint project with Yale University and sponsored by NEH in the USA and JISC in the UK. The project will digitize and make available on-line, dictionaries and manuscripts from the collections of Yale and SOAS. Due to finish September 2010. You can read more details about the SOAS part of the project at Yale-SOAS Islamic Manuscript Gallery and about the Yale side at Yale - SOAS.
  4. Korean Ambassadors' Scroll. One of the earliest know painted scrolls from Japan depicting the procession of ambassadors from Korea to the Japanese emperor. We hope to make this item available using newly developed software for interacting specifically with scrolls. due to finish December 2009.

Projects in proposal form

  1. Stencl Collection of Yiddish poetry from London's East End. Currently seeking copyright permission
  2. Light Letters: documents in the Malay language and written in Arabic script collected by William Marsden (1754-1836). Currently developing a proposal to seek sponsorship. 
  3. 'Transformation of Public Ritual Space in the Himalayas' has received funding for a workshop at SOAS in June.  This project, which would create an online database of photographs, films, sound recordings and documents, is a collaboration between the History Dept, CeDAMME and Heidelberg University.
  4. 'Verrier Elwin & Furer-Haimendorf: Creating an online digital archive for the study of tribal India', which is a collaboration between CeDAMME and the British Museum, is in the planning stage.