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Education For All (2009) Law 271: Environmental Law and Policy. Professor Holly Doremus, (January 2008). University of California, Berkeley: Webcast.

Available from:

This is a series of video lectures from the University of California, Berkeley, that can be viewed on line. It is recommended that you only sample particular topics of interest, noting the strong US perspective and references to environmental legislation in the USA.

Learners TV (undated) International Environmental Law Course.

Available from:

Similar to the above, this is a series of recorded lectures and student seminar presentations from the University of California. This series is more generic and international in content and several topics are of direct relevance to this module. However, again note the frequent references to context and legislation in the USA. Again this is a resource to sample as an alternative medium for your studies.

Public Broadcasting Service (7 September 2010) The Most Powerful Environmental Law on the Books. Need to Know, PBS Video, Video. [Duration 5:16 minutes]

Available from:

Need To Know talked with David Skelly, Professor of Ecology at Yale University, about the power of the Endangered Species Act and how fear of its consequences has produced some reluctant conservationists.

You Tube (2009) Mercury Poisoning - The Minamata Story.

Available from:

A short clip about industrial mercury poisoning at Minamata Bay, Japan.