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Study guide materials for this module can be printed from the list of 'pdf files' below. This list is organised by document and there is one 'pdf' file for each document listed. When you click for example on the relevant unit document, it will open in a new window in a software application called 'Adobe Acrobat'. You can then print the whole unit from the 'File | Print' menu within Adobe Acrobat, or select particular pages to print from the same menu option. For further information on printing refer to the Printing section in the About e-Learning Courseware Help section.

Note: To open a 'pdf' file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

Document Size in Kilobytes /
Number of pages
PDF File Module Introduction 81kb, 10 pages
PDF File Unit 1: Conceptualising Development 588kb, 55 pages
PDF File Unit 2: Conceptualising Economics 579kb, 71 pages
PDF File Unit 3: Production Economics 611kb, 61 pages
PDF File Unit 4: Production Costs and Factor Markets 625kb, 58 pages
PDF File Unit 5: Market Structure and Welfare Economics 576kb, 68 pages
PDF File Unit 6: Macroeconomics and Trade 461kb, 70 pages
PDF File Unit 7: Core Concepts in NIE 248kb, 37 pages
PDF File Unit 8: NIE and Markets 383kb, 52 pages
PDF File Unit 9: NIE and Natural Resource Management 466kb, 59 pages
PDF File Unit 10: Development Processes 907kb, 71 pages
PDF File Answer Booklet 499kb, 54 pages
PDF File Specimen Exam Paper 22kb, 2 pages