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Unit Information

Unit Overview

This unit introduces the concept of development. It describes a number of different frameworks that can be used to examine the goals of development and the processes of achieving them. It looks at development outcomes from the national perspective before moving on to examine them from the perspective of individuals and their livelihoods. The livelihoods framework is introduced as a means of identifying some of the forces and influences that determine whether livelihoods progress or stagnate. The unit then focuses attention on the relationship between livelihoods and wider economic development before concluding the unit by examining the roles of institutions and co-ordination in development.

Unit Aims

Unit Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, students should be able to:

Unit Interdependencies

This unit introduces you to many topics that will be covered in more detail later in the module. For example, institutions and co-ordination and their importance in development (see Section 4) will be examined more fully in Units 7-9.