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How to study this module

Page contents:  The Study Guide | Books and Key Readings | Assessments | Study Calendars | Library Access


This module has been specifically written for distance learning students and the study guide will take you through your self-directed study. Your module tutor, who is a specialist in this subject area, will support you in your studies. You also have the opportunity to share your studies with other students on this module via the online learning environment.


The Study Guide

Each module is composed of 10 units and each unit is divided into 3 or 4 sections of core text.

Core text: this forms the basis of your learning and you should work through this text and use the self-assessment questions (SAQs) at the end of each section and each unit, to consolidate your learning. The text also includes activities, in-text questions and graphics.

Unit listings: at the beginning of each unit, you will find lists of the Key Readings, Further Readings, References and any Multimedia that is relevant to that unit. You are expected to read the Key Readings, but all the other readings and listings are provided for you to explore particular areas of interest.

Study guide formats: the study guide is supplied in two formats so that you can choose the method of study that suits you best:

Screen version: the e-study guide has been developed so that students can study from a computer screen and offers a more interactive experience. It includes assessment questions, animations and some audio and film clips.

Print (pdf) version: if you prefer to study from printed material, the study guide is also available as documents for you to print out and annotate. Where there are animations or multimedia, then the printed guide will prompt you to view these elements in the e-study guide.

Both formats are available on your USB stick and also accessible from the online learning environment.


Books and Key Readings

Most modules will have one or two textbooks which will have been provided in your study pack. These textbook(s) are referred to in the study guide and you are expected to read the chapters or sections of the books which are listed in the Key Readings listing, at the beginning of each unit.

In the Key Readings listing there will also be articles and abstracts that are additional to the textbook and these are supplied in wire bound volume(s).

Please note that all the readings contained in the Key Readings listing is material on which you may be examined.



This module is assessed by a written examination in October and an Examined Assignment (EA), which are worth 80% and 20% respectively. You can find a specimen examination in your study guide and previous examination papers on the online learning environment.

The EA is submitted by uploading it to the online learning environment by a specific deadline and will be marked by your tutor.

Time is allowed in the study calendar for preparation of the EA.


Study Calendar

Depending on their importance, differing amounts of time have been allocated to the various units in the module. You should consult the ‘Study Calendar’ (in the e-study guide) to make sure that you study appropriately, at the same pace as the other students and alongside the tutor.

The online learning environment also has a calendar feature (incorporating key dates) which can be personalised and exported to other devices.


Library Access

You will have access to the University of London International Programmes’ online library resources, via the online learning environment, or the University of London student portal.