SOAS University of London

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Why Online and Distance Learning?

CeDEP offers its students a cost-effective means to access the style and quality of education offered by a world-renowned academic institution.

Advantages of learning online and at a distance

Professional development and career advancement

There is a growing appreciation amongst qualified professionals that they need to be aware of new ideas in their own and other disciplines in order to carry out their responsibilities more effectively. Increasingly, a multi-disciplinary approach to analysis, planning and problem solving is needed. Whatever the focus of your daily work, online and distance learning offers a means to broaden and update knowledge and skills.

Working around employment commitments

By learning online and at a distance, it is possible to manage your study time around responsibilities at work. Those who incorporate study into their working lifestyles can also gain from the integration of personal experience into the study process.

A family-friendly way of learning

Study in your own home at your own pace. Online and distance learning provides a means for students to manage their learning around domestic responsibilities and family commitments.

Saving travel and living expenses

Taking into account living expenses and fees, the cost of studying as a online and distance learner is much less than the cost of full-time residential study abroad, and can be spread over five years.

Professional networking

Increasing numbers of online and distance learning students are participating in online discussions and other networked activities. This opens up opportunities for students to communicate directly with each other, share ideas and promote peer-learning.