SOAS University of London

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Graduate Destinations

CeDEP seeks to address some of the greatest challenges of our times and equip informed
professionals with the inter-disciplinary skills and knowledge to tackle these issues effectively. 
Graduates from the Centre for Environment, Development and Policy go on to apply their learning in the private and public sectors, international organisations, NGO's, consultancies, research and development agencies.

Destinations of 2017 Graduates: Postgraduates

All postgraduate students were contacted 6 months after graduation to find out what they are doing – whether in employment, studying or something else, such as travelling.

Development, Environment and Policy Postgraduate. 2017 Graduates six months after completing their studies. In work 75%. Work and study 0%. Studying 13%. Other 13%.
Examples of graduate roles:
  • Account managers
  • Campaign officers
  • Consultants and analysts
  • CEOs
  • Fund managers
  • Policy analysts and advisers
  • Programme coordinators
  • Researchers and Scientists