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Local Examination Centre Fees

Whilst our fees cover the majority of your costs of studying at CeDEP, you will incur additional examination fees payable directly to the local centre where you choose to sit your exams. These fees vary from country to country, according to the supply of potential exam venues, and there is also variation in fees across centres within some countries.

As an indication of potential fees, many exam centres used by University of London are run by British Council. Their prices are the subject of an agreement that specifies prices by region, as follows. 

Local Exam Fees in British Council Centres, by Region (correct as of July 2018)

Region Fee (per exam) for candidates sitting 1 or 2 exams in a session 30% discounted fee (per exam) for candidates sitting 3 or more exams in a session
Americas £54 £38
China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam £140 £98
Burma, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan £55 £38
European Union £83 £58
MENA £74 £52
South Asia £37 £26
Sub-Saharan Africa £61 £43
Wider Europe, except Israel £65 £45
Israel £124 £87

Source: University of London

In July 2018 CeDEP student representatives conducted a rapid (and non-representative) poll of current students to find out what fees they had paid for their 2018 exams. There were 60 responses, as follows:

Local Exam Fees as Reported by CeDEP Students (July 2018)

Fee Range < £50 £50-99 £100-149 £150+ Total
Responses 12 (20%) 29 (48%) 10 (17%) 9 (15%) 60 (100%)

The fees in excess of £150 were recorded in Australia (five centres), Switzerland (Zurich), Thailand (Bangkok), Monaco and China (Beijing). The most expensive fee was recorded in Sydney (AUD 360 = £203 per exam).

At present, the fees charged by local exam centres are not collated in a single place. Therefore, to find the exact fee that you will be charged, you will need to contact your nearest exam centre(s). The local centres in your area can be viewed here.