SOAS University of London

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)


Staff member

  • Andrew Dorward


Ongoing research emerging from long term interests in livelihood dynamics, no current or recent direct funding

Associated CeDEP research

Human Adaption to BioDiversity Change

Objectives and scope

This work addresses at a conceptual level

  1. the multiple environmental challenges that  human activity poses for ecosystems that have intrinsic value and also support that activity, and
  2. constraints on human ability to address these challenges from, inter alia, weaknesses in cross disciplinary understandings of interactive processes of change in socio-ecological systems.

Building on past work conceptualising dynamic livelihood strategies in terms of ‘hanging in, stepping up and stepping out, it draws on complementary insights from social and biological sciences to propose an  interdisciplinary ‘livelisystems’ framework of multi-scale, dynamic change across social and biological systems.



Andrew Dorward: