SOAS University of London

Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

CeDEP Staff

Dr Thomas Tanner
CeDEP Centre Director and Programme Convenor, Climate Change and Development
Tom Tanner

Research: climate change policy and planning, anticipatory decision-making, urban resilience, policy processes and political economy.

Dr Annabel de Frece
Programme Director, Sustainable Development
Senior Teaching Fellow, Sustainable Development
Annabel de Frece

Research: development, environment, agriculture, gendered constructions, political economy and culture of food production

Dr Ros Taplin
Programme Director, Environmental Management
Senior Teaching Fellow, Environmental Management
Ros Taplin

Research: climate change policy, sustainable energy policy, climate change art, education for sustainability

Dr Greta Seibel
Programme Convenor, MSc Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice
Tutor, Project Planning and Management
Greta Seibel

Research: SME development, industrial policy, Tiger economies, state-led development, private sector development and economic transformation.

Professor Nigel Poole
Professor of International Development Policy
Chairman, Board of Examiners
Nigel Poole

Research: Agri-health and nutrition, natural resources and food value chains, poverty reduction.

Professor Laurence Smith
Professor Emeritus, Environmental Policy and Development
Laurence Smith
Research: Natural resource management, water resources, rural development and poverty reduction.

Dr Samira Choudhury
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
 Samira Choudhury

Research: Food Systems, Health and the Environment specialising in Sustainable and Healthy Food Systems (SHEFS).

Dr Gregory Cooper
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Gregory Cooper

Research: Agriculture, Social-ecological systems, Sustainability, System dynamics and Participatory modelling approaches

Dr Ourania Papasozomenou
Programme Tutor, Environmental Systems Management
Programme Tutor, Water Resource Management
Ourania Papasozemenou

Research:Resource governance and policy; Economics; climate change; islands; transitions and innovation

Dr Oscar Ferero
Tutor, Biodiversity, Conservation and Development
Assessor Direction of Research Agrosavia, Colombia
Oscar Ferero

Research: Political Ecology, Sustainability Sciences, Anthropology of Science, Science and Technology Studies of Agrifood. 

Dr Alberto Zanni
Tutor in Environmental Economics
Alberto Zanni

Research: transport and environmental economics and policy; the analysis (and economic valuation) of the environmental externalities of travel decisions.

Mr Pierre Candelon
Tutor and Dissertation Supervisor, Climate Change and Development
Pierre Candalon

Pierre is an agronomist with a background on environment sciences and policy.