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CeDEP Student Profiles

Cristina Alderighi, MSc Environmental Economics (2016)

MSc Environmental Economics

Cristina Alderighi

I enjoyed the fact that I could first enroll on a postgraduate certificate and eventually upgrade it to a MSc, while at the same time starting the programme in one country and finishing it in another.

Hugh King

MSc Environmental Management

Hugh King

I found the main lecture and reading materials highly stimulating, explaining the key concepts and ideas clearly and challenging you to go beyond static theories and apply them outside the class room

Eyob Ghilazghy, Eritrea

MSc in Sustainable Development

Eyob Ghilazghy

The learning experience was exciting and interesting yet with some challenges also.

Luminita Cuna

MSc Sustainable Development (specialism: Environmental Management) 

Luminita Cuna

I researched many online programs in US, Canada, and UK, but I found that the SOAS CeDEP Master of Science is the one that suited my needs best, in terms of quality, content, flexibility and finances.

Caroline Makasa, Zambia

MSc in Sustainable Development

Caroline Makasa

When I discovered the MSc course in Sustainable Development on the internet I was thrilled because I could study part-time and work, all at the same time.

Julio Giró, Switzerland

MSc in Environmental Management

Julio Giró

The knowledge gained has helped me by improving both the skills and quality of my work…

Nadine Abi Zeid Daou

MSc in Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice

Nadine Abi Zeid Daou

I selected the MSc in Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice because I wanted to gain a multi-disciplinary knowledge and a critical, inter-disciplinary and global perspective on poverty reduction and other inter-related issues.