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Centre for Development, Environment and Policy (CeDEP)

Examinations, Assignments and Regulations

Examined Assignments

All CeDEP Modules include one Examined Assignment (EA) which will count for 20% of the total module mark and a final examination counting for 80% of the total module mark.

Examined Assignment will generally only draw on material from the first six units of a module. A range of assessment methods can be used for EAs on all CeDEP modules, as is appropriate to the subject matter. This includes essay format, Powerpoint presentation, mathematical calculations and web-based discussion, or some combination of these.

The only exceptions to this are the Research Methods module and the Dissertation. Research Methods is assessed by 2 examined assignments, each worth 50% of the total mark and the Dissertation on the Assessed Proposal worth 20% and Dissertation worth 80% of the total mark.

You MUST submit an EA in order to be eligible to sit the exam.

The submission deadline for EAs depends on the module that is being studied, but is normally either at the end of June, or the beginning of August. Precise dates may vary slightly from year to year. Once you register please check the deadlines on the Moodle site.

If you have deferred a module from a previous year, which did not include an Examined Assignment when you enrolled for it, you must change your enrolment to the revised, shorter, module which includes the Examined Assignment.

Please note:

  • If you change to the revised module you MUST submit an Examined Assignment in order to be eligible to sit the examination
  • If you decide to enrol on the revised module, you will not be able to change back.

During enrolment you will be asked which assessment model you wish to choose for each of your deferred modules – you do not need to choose the same option for all deferred modules.

If you continued with an existing module in 2014 but do not sit the exam, you will automatically be transferred to the new module for the 2015 study year. You will then need to submit an EA in 2015 in order to be eligible to sit the exam.

Examination entry forms – a University of London requirement

It is essential that you register to take examinations each year by submitting a formal examination entry form to the University of London. CeDEP will assist with information, but it is ultimately the student’s responsibility to ensure that the University of London’s Examination Services are formally notified of your intention to take examinations in October.

Should you have any difficulties finalising or confirming examination entry arrangements, please contact the University of London (

The University does not acknowledge receipt of entry forms

Please note that, unless you provide a prepaid return envelope, the University of London does not acknowledge receipt of entry forms. Should you wish to check receipt of your entry form, please contact your local examination centre in the first instance. If they are unable to help, please then contact Andrew Freud at the University of London. Should you have any difficulties finalising or confirming examination entry arrangements, please contact the University of London (

University of London Regulations

The regulations deal with matters relating to the University's pre-requisites, fees and examination procedures and provide a description of each course to help you choose your subjects throughout your programme. The regulations are also the rules which govern the relationship between students and the University of London. The regulations are reviewed and published annually and are subject to change.