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Alumni Profiles 1950s

Alan Young

BA Chinese, 1951

Alan recalls one of his teachers "Flight Lieutenant Grose also came from Hong Kong; his mother was Chinese but he looked a typical RAF type with a big moustache and a public school accent."

Abdul Shakurul Salam

LLM Law, 1956

Mr Justice Abdul Shakurul Salam was an Ombudsman and Supreme Court Judge of Pakistan who obtained his LLM at SOAS in 1956. Attending the classes of Professor Allan Gledhill on the constitutional law of Pakistan, Canada and Australia 'left an indelible mark on my character and behaviour',' he wrote.

Dr Kunja Bihari Tripathi

PhD Linguistics, 1953

Dr Kunja Bihari Tripathi

Dr K.B Tripathi (1910 – 2001) was a Professor in Sanskrit and Oriya whose work helped Oriya to achieve a status of classical language in 2014. He studied PhD Linguistics in 1954.

Professor Göran Malmqvist
IMG - Goran Malmqvist

Chinese whispers and the art of translation: Professor Göran Malmqvist recalls SOAS in the early '50s with some of the world’s most influential European sinologists during this time