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Alumni Profiles 1960s

Franklin Huffman

BA Cambodian Studies , 1964

Franklin E. Huffman worked as a French interpreter before setting off on a worldwide journey that culminated in his book about the culture and society of Laos. Following this he was Professor of Southeast Asian linguistics at Yale University. He took Cambodian Studies at SOAS in 1964.

Virginia Adsett

BA History 1967

Virginia Adsett was Museum and Outreach Officer at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum for almost three decades before retiring in 2010.

Virginia Lezzinger

BA Turkish, 1966

Virginia Lezzinger (nee Janes) worked for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office shortly after finishing a BA Turkish degree in 1966.

Brian Evans

PhD China & Inner Asia, 1961

'The other Evans,' a former Canadian diplomat and Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta, recalls the sentencing of his fellow language student Gordon Lonsdale after he was revealed to be Soviet intelligence officer Konon Molody.

W.C Ekow Daniels

PhD Law, 1961

W.C Ekow Daniels is Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Ghana. He studied PhD Law in 1961.