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The Centres & Programmes Office provides School-wide event management support on all aspects of event delivery. 

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  • Mi
  • 2018 film from Myanmar based on the book of the same name.

  • The Tailor
  • Director: Trần Bửu Lộc, Nguyễn Lê Phương Khanh
  • 2017 Vietnamese drama film directed by Trần Bửu Lộc and Nguyễn Lê Phương Khanh.

  • Evaluating the new political landscape in India
  • Manali Desai (Cambridge), Meena Kandasamy (Novelist), Deepa Kurup (Oxford), Ranabir Samaddar (Calcutta Research Group), Rashmi Singh (Cambridge), K. Vignesh (Kings College), Mirza Waheed (Novelist), S. Gopalkrishnan (Centre for Survival and Dignity)


  • The Meaning and Implications of Tiananmen 1989
  • Various panellists
  • This panel discussion will assess the meaning and implications of the momentous events of Beijing 1989. The panellists, Dr Jiang Shao, a protester in Tiananmen, Kate Adie, a world class journalist whose report on the spot captivated the world and Professor Rowena He, a leading scholar on the subject will reflect on the events, how they affected them and what meaning they draw from having lived through, witnessed or studied this vital historical moment.

  • Governance Reform, Social Inequality and the Changing Public Opinion in China
  • Dr Zhenqing Zheng (Tsinghua University, Beijing)
  • Since China’s reforms in the 1980’s, bureaucratic changes and market forces have reshapened the general public’s lives and opinions. This seminar examines to what degree, social differences in urban-rural divide, social stratification, distributive fairness perceptions, generational gap and so on have impacted people’s attitudes regarding governance reform and performance in China.

  • China’s High-Tech Innovation Drive: Domestic Results, Global Implications
  • Scott Kennedy (Senior Advisor and Director of the Project on Chinese Business and Political Economy, Center for Strategic and International Studies)
  • Scott Kennedy, a leading authority on Chinese economic policy will talk about the effect of China's high-tech leadership on its trading partners and global industries.

  • The Belt & Road Initiative: International Responses
  • This conference is designed to examine how this flagship foreign policy initiative of President Xi Jinping is affecting the key regions in the world along both the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road, and how countries thus affected are responding.



  • Mindanao: Cartographies of History, Identity and Representation
  • The Annual Philippine Studies Conference SOAS focuses its 2019 edition on Mindanao. It seeks to gather academics, policymakers, cultural workers and artists to map the contours of Mindanao’s porous and overlapping ethnolinguistic homelands and its conceptual and physical sites of representation, identity formation, and conflict.


  • 2019 Indonesia Kontemporer
  • The annual Indonesia Kontemporer takes place this year on Saturday 5 October.  Artists and crafts people participating in this event hailed from many parts of the world outside Indonesia.


  • Annual Presentation for 6th Form Studies
  • The aim of this presentation is to introduce students to subjects and concepts they may not have previously explored as part of their curriculum and, which will, we hope, inspire them.