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The Centres & Institutes Office provides School-wide event management support on all aspects of event delivery. 

See below for the calendar of events organised by the SOAS Centres & Institutes Office.

For further information about any of the events please contact the Centres & Institutes Office

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We are very interested in your assessment of our events.  If you would like to provide some feedback please visit the event assessment form. Your feedback will be used in planning for future events.

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  • China's Great Power Ambitions
  • Elizabeth Economy (Author, The World According to China)
  • For nearly a decade, Chinese leader Xi Jinping has called for the "Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation," - for China to strengthen itself at home and to claim greater centrality for itself on the global stage. But what does this mean in practical terms?

  • The Lost Archive: Traces of a Caliphate in a Cairo Synagogue
  • Marina Rustow (Princeton University)
  • Beginning with government documents before the Fatimids and paper’s westward spread across Asia, Rustow reveals a millennial tradition of state record keeping whose very continuities suggest the strength of Middle Eastern institutions, not their weakness.




  • The Ottomans: Khans, Caesars, and Caliphs
  • Marc David Baer (LSE)
  • Recounting the Ottomans’ remarkable rise from a frontier principality to a world empire, historian Marc David Baer traces their debts to their Turkish, Mongolian, Islamic, and Byzantine heritage.