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Please note that the conference programme may be subject to change.  The film screenings are running simultaneously in the Khalili Lecture Theatre (Lower Ground Floor, Main Building) and G50 (Ground Floor, Main Building).

Day 1 Friday, 5 June 2009

9.00-9.30BGLTWelcome Comments
Professor Paul WEBLEY (Director, SOAS)

Opening Comments
Jon SNOW (Channel 4 News)

Plenary Session 1:
Researching Contemporary Iran: Historical, Theoretical and Methodological Issues
Chair: Annabelle SREBERNY

  • Abbas MALEKI, Iran’s Islamic Revolution and its Future: Domestic Politics and Culture
  • Soheila SHAHSHAHANI, Claiming our Terrain in Academia
  • Abdolmohammad KAZEMIPUR, A Generation in Flux: An Empirical Profile of Youth in Post-revolutionary Iran
  • Pardis MAHDAVI, Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll in the Islamic Republic of Iran
11:00- 11:30Brunei SuiteBreak
11:30- 13:00B102

Breakout Session:
Tehran: Cultural Change

  • Oliver LEAMAN, The cultural counter-revolution
  • Narciss SOHRABI, The Bases of Cultural Development of Tehran after the Islamic Republic
  • Roya RAD, Where is the party tonight?
11:30- 13:00B111

Breakout Session:
Journalism, Media and Blogs
Chair: Gholam KHIABANY

  • Ehsan BAKHSHANDEH, with Mahmoud AHMADI-AFZADI, Media Development in Iran; Impacts of the 1979 Revolution
  • Golnaz NANBAKHSH, Changing language use and politeness: Evidence from Iranian family discourses and reality TV
  • Mehdi MONTAZER-GHAEM, Broadcasting In Iran – challenges of qualitative development
  • Edmund HERZIG, The Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA): A New Era for News Agencies in Iran
  • David ARN, Unemployment, Poverty And Boredom. The Iranian Press On Drug Addiction 1995-2000
11:30- 13:00B104

Breakout Session:
Chair: Sarah STEWART (LMEI)

  • Asefeh SADEGHI, The formation of the domination of masculine images in the recent advertisements in Iran'
  • Mehri HONARBIN-HOLLIDAY, Masculinities in Urban Iran
  • Mamali SHAFAHI, Art and the representation of masculinity
11:30- 13:00G51

Breakout Session:

  • Aida FORUTAN, Censorship and imagination
  • Golbarg REKABTALAEI, Cinematic Revolution: The Politicisation of the Pre-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema
  • Elhum SHAKERIFAR, Ali Santouri – Censorship and Film mobility
13:00 – 14:00Brunei SuiteLunch

Plenary Session 2:
Visual Arts
Chair: Richard TAPPER

  • Iason ATHANASIADIS, Mullahs, Martyrs and Non-Alcoholic Mochitos: Iran's Children of the Revolution Come of Age
  • Golrokh NAFISI, Cartoons
  • Reza HAERI, Film
  • Mamali SHAFAHI, Art
  • Mehdi VOSOUGHNIA, A glance at photography in Iran after revolution and introducing Qazvin Photographers Group
15:30 – 16:00Brunei SuiteBreak

Breakout Session:
Comedy, Jokes and Laughter
Chair: Annabelle SREBERNY

  • Agnès DEVICTOR, Laughing at war
  • Taraneh DADAR, A reading of the TV series "The Nights of Barareh
  • Katja FOELLMER, Satire in the Iranian Media: Development and Diversity
  • Naghmeh SAMINI, Illusion of objection in text message jokes

Breakout Session
Media, Blogs and Politics
Chair: Massoumeh TORFEH

  • Shadi ZABET, A good self-image: Goffman and Iranian bloggers
  • Mahmoud ENAYAT, Power and Counter-Power in the Persian Webosphere
  • Erfan SABETI, Blog Wars in the Global Age: The Case of Persian Bahai and anti-Bahai Weblogs
  • Majid TAFRESHI, The Grand Ayatollahs and modern electronic media: the transformation of religious leadership

Breakout Session:
Diasporas and Minorities
Chair: Sarah STEWART

  • Zuzanna OLSZEWSKA, Afghan Refugees in Iran: The Hidden Effects of the Revolution at Society’s Margins
  • Amin MOGHADAM, Iran in the United Arab Emirates Between envy and reticence The role of Iranian migration in the “metropolization” of the Gulf
  • Leili SREBERNY-MOHAMMADI, The Diasporic Children Return To Iran
  • David MATTIN, The Flight from Tehran: Iranians in Britain




Breakout Session:
Contemporary Cinema
Chair: Nacim PAK

  • Maryam GHORBANKARIMI, The Women in Frame: Representation of Women in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Cinema
  • Saranaz ABDOLLAHZADE BARFOROUSH, Narrative analysis in Iranian popular cinema, before and after the Islamic revolution
  • Saeed ZEYDABADI-NEJAD, Film censorship and the problem of reception
19:30-21:30BGLTStand-up Comedy
Introduced by Pooneh GHODOUSI (nobat e shoma, BBC PTV)
Separately ticketed

Day 2, Saturday, 6 June 2009


Plenary Session 3:
The Womens' Movements

  • Elaheh KOOLAEE, Changes in Iranian Women’s Role after the Islamic Revolution
  • Maryam Ommi, Video as a tool for social change
  • Azadeh KIAN, Social and Cultural Change and Women’s Rights Movement in Iran
  • Zari TASHAKOR, Women and public space
11:00- 11:30Brunei SuiteBreak
11:30- 13:00B102

Breakout Session:
Women's Rights and Wrongs
Chair: Annabelle SREBERNY

  • Elaheh ROSTAMI-POVEY, Women’s movement in Iran - Divided they can stand united
  • Azadeh MOAVENI, Lipstick Jihad
  • Fariba DAVOODI MOHAJER, Strategies and tactics of one million signature campaign
11:30- 13:00B111

Breakout Session:
Art and Performance
Chair: Mohsen BIPARVA

  • Fatemeh Eftekhari RAD, Iranian Women painters since the Revolution
  • Hamed YOUSEFI KOUPAI, Re-orienting Orientalism: The Contemporary Art of Tehran
  • Mehran HOUSHIAR, Three Generations of Painters
  • Liliane ANJO, Contemporary Iranian Theatre: The Emergence Of An Autonomous Space
11:30- 13:00B104

Breakout Session:
Civil Society, Public Sphere, Democracy
Chair: Gholam KHIABANY

  • Bagher ASADI, Challenges of the Civil Society in post-Revolutionary Iran: An Historical Overview
  • Dariush BORBOR, End Of Colonialism, Beginning Of Democracy
  • Mohammadreza KOLAHI with Saeeheh ALLAHDADI, Application of the concept of "Public sphere" in Iran
11:30- 13:00G51

Breakout Session:
Women's Activism
Chair: Massoumeh TORFEH

  • Benjamin STACHURSKY and Marcus MICHAELSEN, (Net)working for Change: Women’s Movement the Iranian Way
  • Azar MAJEDI, New roles for women
  • Hamid SHESHJAVANI, Family Life and Working Women: Spousal Conflict and Iranian working mothers
  • Mohamad Taghi Ghezelsofla with with Houshang JEIRANI, Iranian women issues in Development and Reform era
13:00 – 14:00Brunei SuiteLunch

Plenary Session 4:
Music and Dance
Chair: Laudan NOUSHIN

  • Ahmad KIAROSTAMI, Music Video
  • Parmis MOZAFARI, Dance and the Borders of Public and Private Life in Post-Revolutionary Iran
  • Ashkan KOOSHA/Negar SHAGHAGHI, The New Iranian Underground
15:30 – 16:00Brunei SuiteBreak
16:00 - 17:30B102

Breakout Session:
Urban and Rural Women

  • Marianne BØE, New Expressions of Women’s Agency in the Legal processes
  • Tanya LAWRENCE, From Shahrestan to Tehran: provincial women studying in Tehran
  • Anna VANZAN, From The Pen To The Rotary Press: Women Publishers In Post Revolutionary Iran
6:00 - 17:30B111

Breakout Session: 
Art and Performance

  • Alice BOMBARDIER, Iranian War Painting: new trends
  • Nacim PAK, Cinema as a Reservoir for Cultural Memory
  • Saeed TALAJOOY, The Use of Indigenous Performing Traditions in Post-Revolutionary Iranian Theatre
16:00 - 17:30B104

Breakout Session:
Music and Dance

  • Laudan NOOSHIN, Hip-Hop Tehran: Putting marginalised voices on the global map
  • Nahid SIAMDOUST, Halal or Haram? Islam and Music in Post-Revolutionary Iran
  • Bronwen ROBERTSON, "I am an original Iranian man!" Skinny jeans, Persian carpets, and indie rock: expressions of identity in Tehran's unofficial rock music.'
  • Emily BLAYNEY, Children’s Lives, Adults’ Lies: Women’s Rap in 21st-Century Tehran
19:30 – 21:00BGLTConcert

Separately ticketed