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Centres and Institutes Office


The following publications are produced by the Centres & Institutes Office.  

Annual Reviews

CAS Annual Review

The Annual Review presents the activities of the Centre of African Studies, its members and various partners. The review provides information on collaboration and networking, awards and grants, research students, and various resources on African Studies.

Korea at SOAS

The annual review, Korea at SOAS is produced by the Centre of Korean Studies and is published once a year during the summer months.  Korea at SOAS reports the activities of the Centre and its members and lists past and forthcoming events at SOAS.

JRC Annual Review 

The JRC Annual Review, which gives an overview of recent activities of the Centre and its members, is produced by the Japan Research Centre and is published in September.   

South Asia Annual Review

The Centre of South Asian Studies's first annual publication was published in September 2010 and  replaced the termly newsletter that has been published since 1982.  

Chinese at SOAS

The first edition of the annual review was produced by the Centre of Chinese Studies in September 2010.


Each brochure lists all the SOAS academic members and their expertise.   

SOAS Experts

The Centres & Institutes Office produces and publishes SOAS Experts which provides a comprehensive compendium of the specialist knowledge currently available at SOAS. Uniquely combining regional focus, academic discipline and language scholarship on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, SOAS provides a leading global resource of expertise experienced in research, teaching, consultancy and briefing. This guide highlights the School’s expertise on Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and categorises this expertise according to region. It introduces the regional and other relevant centres and offices facilitating access to SOAS expertise.