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SOAS China expert says ‘no solid evidence’ for use of Traditional Chinese Medicine to combat Covid - SOAS Blog

'Correcting Poisoned Minds': The Apparatus of Surveillance, Repression and Re-Education in China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region - SCI interview with Professor Rachel Harris (School of Arts, SOAS)

Challenges and Opportunities: A 2020 vision of China’s relations with Europe - SOAS alumni Lauren A. Johnston, Andreas Fulda, Alicja Bachulska and Marola Padin Novas


‘Building Bridges’: The Yenching Academy Scholarship - SCI interview with SOAS alumna, Veronika Spurná  

Should we understand “Japanification” as “Boomer Disease”? - Lauren A. Johnston (Research Associate, SCI)

‘Systemic rivals’: Brussels at odds with Beijing - SCI interview with SOAS alumna, Ilaria Maria Sala (Part 2)

Parting ways with the European Union: Italy charts its own course along China’s ‘New Silk Road’ - SCI interview with SOAS alumna, Ilaria Maria Sala (Part 1)

Huawei: why all the controversy? - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI)

Will China’s rise be peaceful? Academics from around the world give their verdict - David M. Lampton (Johns Hopkins-SAIS and Stanford University), Katherine Morton (University of Sheffield), Zhu Feng (Nanjing University)

Chinese Language Day - Rossella Ferrari (Academic Staff, SCI)

Will China’s ‘Silk Road’ lead to Rome? Italy’s BRI drama - SCI interview with SOAS alumna, Lucrezia Poggetti

Xi Jinping shows “no willingness” to compromise on unification with Taiwan - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI)


Chinese Art Film Festival - Xiaoning Lu (Academic Staff, SCI)

The plight of Xinjiang’s Muslim population - Rachel Harris (Academic Staff, SCI)

A-level Chinese now more popular amongst students than German - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI), Nathan Hill (Head of the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, SOAS)

Banned in China: first Peppa Pig, now it’s Pooh’s turn – but why? - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI)

Why has Peppa Pig been banned in China? - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI)

China under Xi Jinping is waking up - Steve Tsang (Director, SCI)

How can the Chinese financial system contribute to sustainable economic development? - Gerhard Kling (Academic Staff, SCI)