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《韓詩外傳》及其漢代儒家經學文獻的閱讀與研究 On reading the Han Shi waizhuan

Prof Yu Shujian (Zhejiang Normal University)

Date: 13 November 2019Time: 5:00 PM

Finishes: 13 November 2019Time: 7:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: 4429

Type of Event: Seminar

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Next to the more widely read Mao version of the Songs (Mao Shi 毛詩or Shijing 詩經), the songs and interpretations transmitted in the Han Shi waizhuan (Outer Traditions of the Han [version of the] Songs) provide invaluable insights into the teaching of the classics during the Han. Like the Mao Shi, the Han Shi waizhuan represents an important source of inspiration for early Chinese literature and the study of the Confucian classics (jingxue 經學). This presentation focuses on reading strategies and the analysis of the Han Shi waizhuan that shed light on its influence in the field of literature and its significance for the development of classical exegesis.


Yu Shujuan, PhD (Renmin 2007), is Professor of Chinese Literature at Zhejiang Normal University where she specializes on Pre-Qin and Han literature and adaptations of classics. Her publications include Han Shi waizhuan yanjiu 韓詩外傳研究 (2010) and Baixiang cipu白香詞譜 (2018). She also collated Jiang Ji’s 蔣驥 (1678-1745) Shandaige zhu Chuci 山帶閣注楚辭 (2019) and Lin Yunming’s 林雲銘 (1628-1697) Chuci deng 楚辭燈 (2019) for the Chuci yaoji congkan 楚辭要籍叢刊 series published by Shanghai Guji Chubanshe.

Professor Yu currently is a Visiting Scholar in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures.

N.B.: This presentation will be in Mandarin and jointly run with the Premodern Text Reading Group. 


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Organiser: Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, SCI and LCI