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Hong Kong - What next?

Dr. Tim Pringle (Senior Lecturer in Labour, Social Movements and Development, SOAS; Editor, The China Quarterly) & Prof. Steve Tsang (Director, SOAS China Institute)

Date: 3 December 2019Time: 5:30 PM

Finishes: 3 December 2019Time: 7:30 PM

Venue: Paul Webley Wing (Senate House) Room: SG36

Type of Event: Round Table

Note: Internal event not open to external attendees.


Hong Kong has now well and truly entered a new era, that of Xi Jinping Thought on Chinese socialism in a new era. It has, however, manifested in a way not foreseen by the leader of China. Tim Pringle and Steve Tsang will shed light on how Hong Kong has got to where it is now, as well as showing the key factors shaping the way forward. In so doing they will explain what the protestors in Hong Kong want and assess the chances of finding a way for a political solution to be reached. They will also address the likely course of action of the Hong Kong government moving forward, as well as the calculus of the leadership in Beijing, especially in light of the policy review at the Fourth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party.


Tim Pringle is a Senior Lecturer in Labour, Social Movements and Development at SOAS, University of London and Editor of The China Quarterly. He has been an activist trade unionist since starting work and is currently a union rep for the University and College Union at SOAS. His research focuses on labour movements, industrial relations and trade union reform in China, Russia and Vietnam. Tim’s authored books include Trade Unions in China: The Challenge of Labour Unrest, re-issued in paperback by Routledge in 2013, and co-authorship of The Challenge of Transition: Trade Unions in Russia, China and Vietnam (2011, Palgrave). His most recent journal publications include ‘Shades of Authoritarianism and State-Labour Relations in China’ (co-authored with Jude Howell, 2019, ‘Hong Kong on the Brink’ (in The Conversation, 2019) and ‘A Solidarity Machine? Hong Kong Labour NGOs in Guangdong’ (2013).

Steve Tsang is Director of the SOAS China Institute. He is also an Associate Fellow of the Chatham House, and an Emeritus Fellow of St. Antony’s College at Oxford. He regularly contributes to public debates on various aspects of issues related to the politics, history, foreign policy, security and development of the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and East Asia more generally. He has a broad area of research interests and has published extensively (including 18 books). He is well known for his works on Hong Kong, including A Modern History of Hong Kong, which remains the classic reference on the subject.

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