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SCI in the Media 2014


  • Al Jazeera - 19/12/2014
    "Joining this discussion are Dr Diane Wei Liang, a business professor and novelist who participated in the student protests at Tiananmen Square in 1989; Dr Martin Jacques, the author of the bestselling book When China Rules the World and co-founder of the think-tank Demos; and Professor Stephen Chan, a professor of International Relations at SOAS in London and former international civil servant."
  • BBC Chinese Service – 19/12/2014
    Dr Jieyu Liu is interviewed regarding Li Yinhe’s blog article. “李银河能够公开谈论自己的性取向和私人生活,是一件非常勇敢的事情。因为在中国这种社会环境下,谈论性是一个文化上的禁忌,而且她的私生活不是主流意义上的异性恋生活,而是她所尝试的异性恋生活。在这种情况下,她公开发表这样的文章是非常有意义的,把这些事情放在公开的层面来讨论。”
  • BBC World Service - 18/12/2014
    Dr Shane McCausland talks through the first paper money under the rule of Kublai Khan in China.
  • The Conversation - 2/12/2014 
    Article by Professor Michel Hockx.


  • CNN - 21/11/2014
    Michel Hockx commented on private education in China. "People who are aware of what education systems are like in other parts of the world are becoming increasingly impatient with the Chinese education system."
  • The Diplomat - 06/11/2014
    "Michel Hockx, a professor at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, notes rumors that the Chinese government had begun filtering VPN traffic. That would mean censors not only identified VPNs but selectively limited web traffic through them."


  • BBC World Service - 26/10/14
    Dr Jieyu Liu a guest on the programme discussing how the different generations in China view the reasons for embarrassment
  • The Telegraph - 23/10/2014
    "Dr Liu, Deputy Director at the SOAS China Institute in London, thinks that as China gets richer, it may be leavings its women behind: “Economic development has been the sole driver of reform in the last 30-years and women's status did not feature at all in those objectives.”
  • The Conversation - 13/10/2014
    Article by Dr Enze Han
  • Farmers Guardian - 10/10/2014
    Dr Jieyu Liu is deputy director at the School of Oriental and African Studies' China Institute. She said: "A lot of the Chinese middle classes are pushing online shopping..."


  • The Conversation - 29/09/2014
    Article by Dr Damian Tobin
  • University World News - 20/09/2014
    "Now several universities – including Nottingham, Sheffield, Manchester and Cambridge – are producing more research on modern China, even as the number offering degrees in European cultures declines. SOAS, University of London recently established a new China Institute."
  • Mail Online - 19/09/2014
    "Michel Hockx, Professor of Chinese at SOAS University of London, said using western culture had a lot to do with status symbols."
  • Taipei Times - 15/09/2014
    Article by Dafydd Fell