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SCI in the Media 2015


  • BBC Chinese - 10/11/15
    Jieyu Liu interviewed on the economic prospect of China’s recent move to scrape one-child policy.
  • The Guardian - 05/11/15
    Jieyu Liu was interviewed on marriage in China.
  • The University of Nottingham China Policy Institute Blog - 02/11/15
    Jieyu Liu published a blog article on gender inequalities in the Chinese workplace.
  • BBC Chinese - 02/11/15
    Jieyu Liu participated in an online video discussion on China’s recent changes in one-child policy.


  • Channel 4 News - 29/10/15
    Jieyu Liu interviewed for report by Lindsey Hilsum on changes in China's one-child policy.
  • Al Jazeera English News - 29/10/15
    Jieyu Liu interviewed on China’s move to scrape the one-child policy.
  • BBC Chinese - 26/10/15
    Jieyu Liu published an article for BBC Chinese on China’s recent policy move to extend retirement age.
  • Time - 22/10/15
    Jieyu Liu interviewed on mistresses in China.
  • Time Out Beijing - 22/10/15
    Professor Michel Hockx interviewed on the rise of online literature in China.
  • Various news channels - 22/10/15
    Michel Hockx interviewed live by BBC World News outside Buckingham Palace and covered the news with LBC, BBC 5 Live and the US station National Public Radio.
    Hong Bo covered trade relations between the two countries with BBC World News Asia Business Report, Sky News and provided a round up of the visit with CCTV News.
    Stephen Chan was interviewed on Al Jazeera and BBC UK Black, the latter on China's involvement in Africa.
  • The Telegraph - 21/10/15
    Jieyu Liu was quoted on gender equality in China in relation to the President being accompanied by his wife on his visit.
  • China Daily - 21/10/15
    Xiaoning Lu quoted in China Daily, Global Times, Sina English, China Europe on Chinese cultural influences in the UK.
  • Mail Online - 20/10/15
    Damian Tobin discussed the UK steel industry and Chinese imports in relation to the visit with Associated Press, the article was reported extensively, including in Mail Online, Yahoo News and in North American Press including CNBC, Capital Bay and Canadian Business Magazine.
  • The Guardian - 20/10/15
    Michel Hockx interviewed on George Osborne's visit to Xinjiang.
  • South China Morning Post - 19/10/15
    Michel Hockx interviewed on Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Britain.
  • The Wall Street Journal - 18/10/15
    Michel Hockx interviewed in advance of Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Britain.
  • The Guardian - 18/10/15
    Michel Hockx quoted on Britain's relationship with China.
  • China Radio International - 15/10/2015
    Jieyu Liu commented on the issue 'Is China's Population near a Peak?'


  • The Sun - 04/08/2015 
    Michel Hockx provided insight on Chinese education in reference to the BBC's new Chinese school programme.
  • BBC World News - 03/08/2015 
    Jieyu Liu interviewed on the differences between British and Chinese school, in light of the BBC's 'Are Our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School' programme


  • ICS (International Channel Shanghai) - 28/07/2015 
    Shane McCausland featured in a one-hour programme on the recent Ding Yi exhibition in Shanghai. 
  • BBC Woman's Hour - 22/07/2015
    Dafydd Fell was interviewed about Taiwan's next president being a woman and what this mean for women living in the only Chinese democracy. 
  • The Guardian - 19/07/2015
    Dafydd Fell quoted in article.


  • Taipei Times - 18/06/2015
    Dafydd Fell featured in article reporting on the Second World Congress of Taiwan Studies held at SOAS.
  • China Economic Daily - 18/06/2015
    Hong Bo quoted.
  • China Economic Daily - 18/06/2015
    Hong Bo quoted.
  • China Economic Daily - 17/06/15
    Ulrich Volz quoted.
  • China Economic Daily - 08/06/15
    Ulrich Volz quoted.
  • Extensive coverage of an exhibition of work by Ding Yi, one of the most celebrated artists in China today, held in Shanghai at the Long Museum. Coverage and interviews with Shane McCausland are in art collectors magazine Diancang, Art289, Phoenix TV, Artron.Net,, Leap (Yishujie) and more.
  • Taiwan's Macroview- 03/06/2015
    Dafydd Fell interviewed about the World Congress of Taiwan Studies Conference at SOAS.


  • South China Morning Post - 20/05/2015
    Michel Hockx interviewed on Mo Yan and the influence of Chinese literature abroad today. 


  • Forbes - 08/04/2015
    “It certainly makes for a nice announcement and it has a nice name,” says Damian Tobin, lecturer at the China Institute, School of Oriental and African studies, University of London.


  • Newsweek - 26/03/2015
    "Dr Harald Heubaum, lecturer in global energy and climate policy at the London-based School of Oriental and African Studies, says Beijing’s decision is being motivated by economic factors and local unrest at pollution, rather than the global issue of climate change."
  • The Economist - 14/03/2015
    "Though they are not Chinese citizens, the Kokang’s ethnicity increases domestic pressure on China’s government to respond in some way, reckons Enze Han of the School of Oriental and African Studies in London."


  • The Telegraph - 27/02/2015
    "The latest reports are nothing new,” explains Dr Liu Jieyu, Deputy Director of the SOAS China institute. “Illegal gender determination has just found a new guise and attacking these channels is plastering over deeper issues”.


  • New York Times - 26/01/2015
    "Instead, the new document is likely to have the greatest impact on the many amateur authors who publish online without contracts, said Michel Hockx, a professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and the author of a forthcoming book on Chinese Internet literature."