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PhD Students

Chen Ma
Chen Ma

Negotiating with Ambiguity: The Reconstruction of Ecological Consciousness in post-2000 Chinese Science Fictions

Recently Awarded PhDs

  • Catherine Elizabeth Ames "A Festival of Mysticism: Akutagawa Ryunosuke, Narrative Form and the Politics of Cultural Formation" (Dr S Dodd)
  • Jiani Chen "Misty Flowers in a Floating World: Images of Courtesans in Ming Dynasty Nanjing" (Dr T Y Tan)
  • Ka Chi Cheuk "Escape from Censorship: The Aesthetics of Reflexivity in Gao Xingjian's Pre­Nobel Plays" (Dr R Ferrari)
  • Eleanor Laura Lipsey "Music motifs in Six Dynasties texts" (Dr B Fuehrer)
  • Lucrezia Botti "The Allure of the Dressing Case: A Study of Yang Weizhen's (1296-1370) and Wang Cihui's (1593-1642) Xianglianti (Fragrant-Dressing-Case Style) Poetry" (Dr T Y Tan)
  • Serafina Aquilino "Walking into the Literary Field? The Interaction between China's official and online Literary Scene" (Prof M Hockx)
  • Angela Becher "The Monumental Imaginary: Postsocialist Architecture in Contemporary Chinese Art and Film" (Dr R Ferrari)
  • Alastair MacDonald "Reimagining the Vernacular Story: Textual Roles, Didacticism, and Entertainment in Erpai" (Dr T Tan)
  • Letizia Fusini "Dionysus on the Other Shore: Framing Gao Xingjian's Theatre of the Tragic" (Dr R Ferrari)
  • Beibei Zhan "Deciphering a Tool of Imperial Rule - A Case Study of the Marriage Rituals for Imperial Princes during the Hongwu Reign (1368-1398)" (Dr B Fuehrer)
  • Pamela Hunt "Configurations of Masculinity and Realms of Agency in Post-1989 Chinese Fiction" (Prof M Hockx)
  • How Wee Ng "Worrying about the audience: The Discourse on Television Drama Censorship in Postsocialist China" (Dr R Ferrari)
  • Eddie Bertozzi "One Step Forward into Reality - Transvergent Reconfigurations of the Jishizhuyi Style in Contemporary Chinese Cinema" (Dr R Ferrari)
  • Yiming Shen "Chinese Islamic Text Studies in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries: A Case Study of Chinese Translations of Jami's Persian Sufi Prose" (Dr B Fuehrer)
  • Wing Sze Kaby Kung "From Feminism to Postfeminism: A Feminist Critique of the Works of Hong Ying and Li Bihua" (Prof M Hockx)
  • Yin-Chen Kang "The Formation of Taiwanese Classical Theatre, 1895-1937" (Dr T Tan)
  • Shuk Man Leung "The Discursive Formation of the Utopian Imagination in New Fiction 1902-1911" (Prof M Hockx)
  • Paul Bevan "Manhua Artists in Shanghai 1926-1938: From Art-for-art's sake to Wartime Propaganda" (Prof M Hockx)