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China and Inner Asia Student Profiles

Some of the things our students and alumni have said about us:

Giulia Cibotti

MA in Chinese Studies

Giulia Cibotti

There is some sort of positive vibe that makes this place highly addictive.

Beatriz Cifuentes

BA History of Art/Archaeology and Tibetan

Beatriz Cifuentes: BA History of Art/Archaeology and Tibetan

When I heard about SOAS I immediately knew it was the school for me.

Ally Clifton

BA Chinese and Politics

Ally Clifton

SOAS gives you an understanding of non-western languages, cultures and countries which is increasingly important in a globalised world.

Minna Hsu

MA in Taiwan Studies

Minna Hsu

Studying for my MA in Taiwan Studies at SOAS was a wonderful experience

Stephanie Koch

BA Mandarin Chinese & History

Stephanie Koch

I came to study at SOAS because of its good reputation in Mandarin Chinese.

Daniel Mojahedi

MA Chinese Studies

Daniel Mojahedi

SOAS was the ideal place for me to study cross-Strait relations

David Whittaker

BA Chinese and Social Anthropology

David Whittaker

Students come to SOAS with an interest that soon develops into a passion and, in time, an obsession with their discipline.

Alice Yuen

BA Chinese and Korean

Alice Yuen: BA Japanese and Korean

Here you’re not only intrigued by the lectures but also by the people around you.

Courtney Wilcox

Study Abroad Student, China and Inner Asia

Courtney Wilcox

There’s a vibe around the campus that relays a closeness, and acceptance.

Natalie Chaney, Washington University in St. Louis

Study Abroad Programme

Natalie Chaney

When you come to London, you don’t just come to exchange ideas with the English, but to exchange ideas and culture with people from all of the world. This is especially true at SOAS.

Jackson Swinhoe

BA Chinese

CHI - UG - 2013 - Jackson Swinhoe - BA Chinese - images 186,240,56,165

In my spare time I enjoy both watching and performing Chinese Opera.