SOAS University of London

Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT)

Academic Teaching Development

The LTD offers a range of training and workshops under the Academic Teaching Development Programme. All of our workshops incorporate the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF). This revised framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education was unveiled in November 2011 and is part of an on-going professionalization of teaching and learning support in UK higher education sector.

The framework is intended to encourage institutions and practitioners to develop excellence in teaching and demonstrate the professionalism of teaching staff to students and other stakeholders in higher education. The main object is to facilitate the benchmarking of teaching and learning support roles within higher education.
The UKPSF is composed of descriptors that characterise four broad categories of teaching and learner support roles in relation to three dimensions:

  • the areas of activity of those who teach and support learners within higher education
  • the core knowledge to undertake these activities
  • the professional values of teachers in higher education

Candidates are encouraged to make the UKPSF as part of their pedagogical engagement and use the framework to reflect on their professional role, plan their personal professional development.

We offer the following types of training and support: 

  • Academic Teaching Development Workshops give staff the opportunity to develop, improve and enhance their skills in a wide range of areas related to the delivery of teaching and academic support. Topics covered include lecturing skills, assessment and feedback, management skills, learning outcomes, designing teaching material and effective use of technology in teaching. New workshops on course and programme design, distance teaching are planned for the coming academic year. These workshops are open to all teaching and lecturing staff. These courses are designed to support teaching and student learning in accordance with the criteria set out in the UK Professional Standards Framework.
  • The Professional Development in Higher Education Programme (PDHEP) offers a series of courses that provides academic teaching staff with the knowledge, skills and training to help them be more effective and creative in their pedagogical delivery and academic support of learners.
  • One-to-One meetings: We also provide one-to-one pedagogical consultations to members of teaching staff at SOAS. The aim of the provision is to provide pedagogical support to teaching staff at SOAS and to promote effective pedagogical practice across the School.

For more information about the courses, workshops and support offered, please contact:
Mehmet Izbudak, Academic Teaching Developer, or CILT at