SOAS University of London

Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT)

Academic Development

Academic Development is a professional service that supports both staff and students at SOAS. Our focus is on enriching the culture of learning at the institution, through staff pedagogic enhancement, and student academic development. We offer a variety of services, as listed below. We offer a range of training and workshops all of which is aligned to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF)

For staff

  1. Teaching and Learning Resources
  2. Department specific/wide Professional Development
  3. Institution wide Professional Development
  4. Individual professional Development
  5. Collaborative Teaching support
  6. Support for claiming Fellowship with Advance HE
  7. Graduate Teaching Assistant Training
  8. Induction for new lecturers
  9. Support in Peer Observation of Teaching
  10. Curriculum design and review
  11. Department specific Skills for Success workshops
  12. Work related/work-based learning design
  13. Recognition and reward of excellence in Teaching

Every department has an assigned Academic Developer. This developer is assigned to the department to support in the following:

  1. A standing member on Teaching and Learning Committees
  2. Support for Teaching & Learning Away days
  3. Support for Fellowship with Advance HE and writing retreats
  4. Other Teaching and Learning Activities based on the departments needs

Below are the developer assignments:

  1. Victoria Hart - EACL, LCL, Interdisciplinary Studies
  2. Andrew Gould - Foundation Year, School of Arts
  3. Melanie-Marie Haywood (manager) - HRP, Finance & Management
  4. Ruth Samuel - Development Studies
  5. Russell Goodwin - Anthropology/Sociology, Law
  6. New developer 2* - Economics, Politics

*In the absence of a developer, the manager is the departmental point of contact.

For students

Skills for Success - This is our study skills programme that consists of a number of support mechanisms from CILT.

  1. Skills for Success Workshops (previously known as study skills workshops)
  2. Skills for Success online
  3. Success Tutorials (previously known as one-to-one tutorials)

For more information about the courses, workshops and support offered, please contact:
Academic Development via