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PASS - Peer Assisted Study Support

PASS is an internationally recognised programme of facilitated, group learning which enables students to support other students with their studies.

Arabic PASS Session

What is it?

PASS has been implemented in over 1,500 institutions in 29 countries and is internationally renowned for its success in improving students' learning experience, academic performance and promoting continued retention. The experiences of higher year students are used to support the learning of lower year peers in a group learning environment. These sessions supplement existing learning in lectures and tutorials in a more informal environment led by students.

Who is it for?

Here at SOAS, the scheme is currently targeted at students studying Arabic, Chinese or Persian as part of their degree. The study sessions are open to all students and are voluntary. The study sessions generally follow a lecture in the relevant subject.

Who runs PASS?

The PASS Scheme is run by Learning and Teaching Development, in collaboration with Widening Participation, and facilitated by student PASS leaders studying one of the target languages as part of their degree.

For the target languages there are also four academic coordinators:

When are the sessions happening?

All sessions have now finished for this academic year. Sessions will start again in September 2018.

How do I get involved?

“It is an opportunity for me to revisit things that I covered last year but don’t necessarily have time to revise this year. It’s a good reminder as well of how far Arabic students do come from the first year to the second year. It’s nice and reassuring.” - Amelia, 2nd Year Arabic and History student, PASS Leader

“Go for it – you have nothing to lose. It is a cool experience to have- there’s not much pressure, it’s not like a tutor where you are directing people on what to do. You meet really funny people and it is a nice environment.” - Fatima, 2nd Year Arabic and Development Studies student, PASS leader

Applications for new PASS Leaders are now open. Please look at the PASS Leader Description for more information. To apply please email a word statement to Elizabeth Crooks -

If you would like any further information about the scheme in general please get in contact with the Learning and Teaching helpdesk,