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The Series

Welcome to the SOAS Law of Islamic Finance Working Papers Series. The Series provides an outlet for the airing of ideas in this new specialist area, the development of which has become necessary as a result of the increasing growth, maturity and sophistication of Islamic finance.

The Law of Islamic Finance

The ambit of this new field, ‘The Law of Islamic Finance’ (LIF), includes all relevant parts of Islamic law (shari’a/fiqh) and manifestations of modern law. The latter category encompasses all municipal (eg English and Malaysian law) and international law, as well as other types of norms, such as agreements on financial regulation (eg the Basel Accords).


Authors wishing to submit drafts to the Series should send them to the Series Editor, Nicholas HD Foster, at

SOAS LIF Working Papers are work in progress. However, papers submitted must be of very high quality in all their aspects (content, English, referencing and presentation).

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de Belder, Richard 'The Form over Substance Debate in Islamic Finance: Is Aligning Islamic Finance More Proactively with the Ethical Finance Space the Way Forward?'

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Foster, NHD (2016) 'The Financial Sharia as Law and as Ethics: A Suggestion'

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Foster, NHD (2015) 'Moving Forward in the Study and Practice of Islamic Finance: Makhlouf’s L’émergence d’un droit international de la finance islamique : Origines, formation et intégration en droit français'

Youtube recording of Nick Foster's lecture delivered at the Collège des Bernardins, Paris, 19 November 2015 available here.

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Foster, NHD (2015) 'Some Concepts and Related Terms for the Analysis of the Law of Islamic Finance'

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Foster, NHD; Neo, D (eds) (2014) ‘Dispute Resolution and Insolvency in Islamic Finance: Problems and Solutions - Seminar 19 September 2013: Report of Proceedings’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘Limited Liability and Islamic Law’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘Operating with a Truncated Legal System: Financial Law without Insolvency Law’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘Islamic Financial Intermediation: Revisiting the Value Proposition - The Role of Law’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘Some Thoughts From Legal Academia On “Reappraising The Islamic Financial Industry After The Downturn: Introspective Reflections”’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘Making People Behave Properly in Islamic Finance: Some General Thoughts’

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Foster, NHD (2014) ‘“Lead Us Not into Temptation”: the Formulation of the Present Orthodoxy and the Deficiencies of Regulation’

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