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Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Environment: Climate change and art, oceans and gender

Gina Heathcote (Centre for Gender Studies), and Roslyn Taplin (Centre for Economic Development and Policy)

Date: 13 March 2019Time: 12:00 PM

Finishes: 13 March 2019Time: 2:00 PM

Venue: 30 Russell Square Room: BBK 30RS 103 (30 Russel Square, Room 103)

Type of Event: Round Table

‘Gendered Encounters at Sea: shifting bodies and vulnerable matter’ by Gina Heathcote

Abstract: This research stems from my work on the reach and possibilities of a feminist analysis of the international law of the sea. I consider the construction of the white, European Western subject of enlightenment thinking and the means through which the associated privileges play out in the construction of vulnerabilities at sea. This includes a study of the intersectional vulnerabilities that attach to specific bodies at sea (the migrant, the refugee, the woman, children), as well as the sea itself as vulnerable in the era of climate change, to articulate ways in which international law of the sea might re-imagine sovereignty and the conceptualisation of legal subjectivity to incorporate feminist accounts of the post-human as a mechanism for interrupting the role of law in perpetuating environmental and gendered insecurity at sea.

Visual arts inquiry into climate change: quiet voice, large impact? by Roslyn Taplin

Abstract: Visual artists addressing climate are having a direct contribution to the production of a different subjectivity, shifting viewers’ relationship with our changing climate. A new minor literature is developing. People are seeing and understanding the messages about the science of climate change through art and through this mode of communication, old paradigms may be, importantly, shifting. I will discuss recent contemporary artists’ approaches to addressing climate change, how I have approached my own visual inquiry, and introduce my new research on the Paris Agreement. 

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Organiser: School of Interdisciplinary Studies

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