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International History and International Relations

Prof Andy Williams

Date: 15 January 2013Time: 1:00 PM

Finishes: 15 January 2013Time: 3:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: 4418

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Prof Williams was educated at the Universities of Keele and Geneva (Graduate School of International Studies) and spent the first ten years of his academic career in Switzerland. His doctorate was in international history and looked at the relationship between the British Labour Party and the Soviet Union in the inter - war years. This later became his first book, Labour and Russia in 1989, which he followed with a study of East - West Trade, Trading with the Bolsheviks in 1992. In Geneva Prof Williams helped set up an organization to practice and study international mediation. There he had close encounters with various international organizations and some multinational companies. On his return to the UK he became a lecturer in international relations at the University of Kent, where he stayed for 21 years, coming to St. Andrews in 2006. Prof Williams has taught modules at both places on the study and practice of conflict and war, with a strong historical bias, if mainly to show how mistakes that are now being made have historical roots that it is vital to understand. His ambition in more recent years has been to show the historical roots of a number of key concepts in conflict and war studies, like Reconstruction, but more widely how the creation of liberal international orders has contributed to the dominance of 'liberal peace' thinking and practice in international politics since 1990. The results of that thinking have been published as books (Failed Imagination? Anglo - American New World Orders of the Twentieth Century, 1998, 2nd ed. 2007, and Liberalism and War, 2006.

Prof William's aim is now to systematize much of his thinking. Hence with Roger MacGinty he has recently published Conflict and Development (2009) which is now to be translated into Japanese. Prof Williams is now working on a text book (with Amelia Hadfield and Simon Rofe) entitled International History, International Relations (forthcoming 2011) and a new monograph entitled France, Britain and the United States in the Twentieth Century: A Reappraisal.