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Webinar to celebrate Global Day of Action on Military Spending


Date: 17 April 2012Time: 4:00 PM

Finishes: 17 April 2012Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Brunei Gallery Room: BGLT

Type of Event: Talk

SCRAP - GDAMS: realising global disarmament

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Webinar to celebrate Global Day of Action on Military Spending


Webinar Programme
  • Opening Statement by David Franco (Webinar Chair, SCRAP Project Coordinator)
  • Military Spending by Carina Solmirano (Researcher, Military Expenditure Project, SIPRI)
  • Disarmament and Development by Yeshua Moser-Puangsuwan (Consultant, International Peace Bureau; Co-editor, Landmine & Cluster Munition Monitor report of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines; Member, International Program Council of the Small Arms Survey)
  • Disarmament and Human Rights by Gabriella Irsten (Project Associate, Reaching Critical Will
  • Disarmament and Climate Change by Ian Shields (Tutor, CISD; Member, UK Chief of the Defence Staff’s Strategic Forum; Research Associate, UK Defence Forum)
  • Questions and Answers  
About the Webinar

On April 17th SCRAP at the CISD-SOAS will host a Webinar to celebrate the Global Day of Action on Military Spending (GDAMS). GDAMS is organised by the International Peace Bureau. The event will take place on April 17th to coincide withSIPRI's release of their annual report on military spending. As of today more than 100 organisations worldwide have confirmed they will host an event on GDAMS day.

The Webinar will host a total of five speakers from top organisations including SIPRI and Reaching Critical Will. Speakers will give short (10-15 minutes) presentations on the relationship between military spending, disarmament, human rights, development, and climate change. SCRAP aims at fast tracking the countdown to global zero by showing how nations could use existing agreements to achieve world disarmament securely. It is not an easy task yet it is simpler by far than tackling Climate Change.

The SCRAP-GDAMS Webinar will take place on April 17th from 4-6pm and will be streamed and recorded live (see below for streaming link). Following the opening statement and presentations, the event will round up with a Q&A session and a live debate between the participants.


SCRAP aims for complete disarmament within a ten year implementation period. The SCRAP proposal contains draft negotiating text and an explanatory memorandum concerning the basic elements of an internationally legally-binding arrangement for complete disarmament.

Visit the Centre's SCRAP research page to view the full SCRAP proposal, read and watch interviews about SCRAP and disarmament and find out how you can get involved.