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The American Embassy in London 1937-2008

This research project explores the vital role played by the American Embassy in London not only in Anglo-American relations, but also in wider international relations over the seventy years that the Embassy has been in Grosvenor Square. The project covers this period because it effectively covers the lifespan of what is termed ‘the special relationship' – from its birth in the Second World War and its aftermath, to the challenges of globalisation in the present day. The thematic issues of this period include not only the ‘special relationship' in the post-war context given the conflicting explanations and contested nature of its evolution over time as well as the changing events and impact of the development and demise of ‘The Cold War'; the ongoing impact of the European Project and EU integration, the influence of nuclear weapons and NATO, as well as wider economic, cultural, demographic and environmental forces that have shaped the transatlantic relationship. 

Dr J Simon Rofe has been awarded a British Academy Grant (£4500) for this project (2010-2012). Further, to facilitate this research project Dr Rofe is an Eccles Centre Visiting Fellow in North American Studies at the British Library (£2000).

For further information about project contact research lead Dr J Simon Rofe.

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