SOAS University of London

Undergraduate: Clearing

Application Instructions

If you would like to make an application by phone, please call our Clearing telephone hotline. We will update this page with the number shortly.

The following notes are important in helping us to make a prompt decision on your application. Missing information will result in a delay in a decision being made or even in the application being unsuccessful.

  • Ensure you provide your UCAS ID number in your email.
  • Please let us know if you have applied to SOAS for an undergraduate degree before; either this year or in a previous year.
  • Please advise your circumstances:
    - Clearing application – not holding any other offers
    - Adjustment application
    - Already holding a place at another university for a place in 2020.

If you are an international student who has previously studied in the UK, and are looking to transfer to SOAS, please ensure you send us copies of all previous visas issued for UK study, along with a scanned copy of the photo page in your passport.

If your Clearing application to SOAS is for a different area of study to your original UCAS application(s), then you should provide a personal statement explaining your reasons for wanting to change your course and join SOAS. Please keep personal statements no longer than 500 words.

Receiving an offer

We cannot make conditional offers in Clearing: all qualifications must have been completed and final awards made if we are to consider an application. Qualifications must be fully listed in your application.

If you have not provided all information on UCAS, please include this in your email. Ensure you provide copies of all transcripts and certificates from your completed qualifications with your email. All scans or screenshots must clearly show your name and student ID number. Documents should be provided in PDF or JPG format.

Applying from another university

If you are currently a student at another university, or have previously attended another university, and are looking to transfer to SOAS, either for entry to year 1 or year 2, we require an academic reference from that university.

If this is not included in your UCAS application, your referee must directly email the reference to using an official institution email address. We are unable to ask for references on behalf of an applicant, this must be arranged between the applicant and referee before the application will be considered.

In order to be be considered for a transfer to the second year of a SOAS programme, you will need to have achieved our standard high school entry requirement and have achieved at least a 2.1 in your first year of study. The current study must be directly relevant to the proposed SOAS programme. It is not possible to transfer to the final year of a degree programme at SOAS.

Additional requirements

Applicants for LLB Law or BA Law who have taken non-standard qualifications - such as Access to Higher Education Diploma, International Foundation courses or BTEC qualifications - are required to have taken the Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT).

If you are in this category, please ensure you provide us with your LNAT candidate ID number and the date of the test when you email us. See the SOAS Law department web pages for further information on these requirements.