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We understand that these are difficult and concerning times for students, especially with the recent announcement about the cancellation of A Level exams in the summer. 

You may be feeling anxious about what this new guidance means for your university application. Let us reassure you that we are committed to being as flexible as possible in our admissions processes. 

We have therefore decided to lower all entry requirements by one grade, to reflect the challenges and disruptions to education over the past year. We will accept teacher assessed grades for those students who are unable to take their exams in summer 2021.

What does ‘one grade lower’ look like?

If your programme requirements stated AAA, the new requirements would be AAB; similarly, if the entry requirements state ABB, we would now accept BBB. 

This lowering also applies to IB results: for example, if your programme requires IB 37 6/6/6/, we would now accept IB 35 6/6/5. If you have international qualifications, we will be applying this ‘one grade below’ policy to the international equivalencies of the A level entry requirements. 

This ‘one grade lower’ policy also applies to students who have completed their qualifications before 2021, so if you already have your results, we will take into account the lower entry requirements when making your unconditional offer.  

Our offers continue to be made at our standard entry requirements. During confirmation, once you have been awarded all your qualifications, your offer will be reviewed taking into consideration our flexible approach with the reduction of one grade. We are unable to make an assessment for you prior to that time.

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