SOAS University of London

Student Advice and Wellbeing

Vision Statement

1. The Vision of the SOAS Counselling Service is to provide a specialist, personal counselling service that is cost effective and reliable, and consistent with the overall vision of the School; to provide a service which supports students to study, work and develop personally; to do so to the highest level of professional standards and quality measures within the available resources and to report regularly on the work of the service to relevant committees through the Deputy Secretary.

2. In delivering its vision the Service will work co-operatively with faculties, other central services and the Student Union with its focus upon the best interests of students, actual and potential.

3. The staff of the Counselling Service are committed to providing accessible, high quality, confidential counselling to the whole range of students within the institution, in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to their diversity. The provision is delivered within the context of the School’s commitment to equal opportunities, the extension of access to higher education and the desire to match educational provision to the needs of individual clients.

4. The staff of the Service will regularly evaluate the views of students who have used the service to increase their awareness of students’ needs and to monitor the overall effectiveness of the service provided.

Student Services Department
February 2008