101B Anthropology in and of the World: An Introduction (B)

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Term 2
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Module overview

101B Anthropology in and of the World is the second term of our introduction to social/cultural anthropology, open only to students who have taken 101A.

While Term 1 introduces the broad scope of contemproary social/cultural anthropology, Term 2 shifts attention to ethnographic explorations of a limited set of specific societal issues. How can we apply anthropological knowledge to present-day social problems? What do contemporary anthropologists do? The purpose of this term is threefold. First, it introduces a critical framework for understanding the production of anthropological theory/knowledge in relation to changing social, political, economic, and ethnographic circumstances. Second, it helps students develop the skills necessary for a close and critical reading of ethnographies. Finally, it offers an introduction to the kinds of practical uses anthropological thinking and methods can be put to in everyday life.


Compulsory for all Year 1 students on:

  • BA Social Anthropology
  • BA Social Anthropology and...

This module is also a School-wide Open Option.

Prerequisite: 101A Anthropology in and of the World


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