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Project Design

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Module Not Running 2022/2023
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Year of study:
Year 2
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Term 1

This seminar is solely aimed at assisting students to develop the skills necessary for their longer essay assignments and dissertations. It is a skills-focused seminar. The aim to help students learn how to conceive of their research question, to plan their time, and to produce a  opics to be addressed are: framing a research question, embarking on research and research methodologies, doing an outline, structuring a large project, beginning the writing process, working with drafts, and completing the project.

This module is not running in 2019/20, and will first run in 2020/21 academic year.


2 hour seminars per week  

Scope and syllabus

- Choosing a research area.

- Framing a research question.

- Embarking on Research: where to start?

- Research process: when to stop?

- Creating an Outline for writing

- Time Management & Approaches to Writing

- Working with drafts

- Editing

Method of assessment

  • Formulating a Research Question, 500 Words: 15%
  • Bibliography, 250 Words: 15%
  • Formulating an Outline, 500 Words: 15%
  • Reflective Journal, 1000 Words: 30%  
  • Presenting Your Research Plan and Outline: 15%
  • Attendance & Participation: 10%  

Suggested reading

The online existing MOOC will be used as a resource for the first four weeks, but will be conducted in class. The materials are here:

The Core text in addition to this will be:

Nick Moore, How to Do Research: a practical guide to designing and managing research projects (London: Facet, 2006


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