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Performance 1a: gamelan

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Module Not Running 2020/2021
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Full Year

Practical performance in Javanese and Balinese gamelan ensembles. Each student learns several instruments or roles in the ensemble, for example a melody instrument, a punctuating instrument, drumming, an elaborating instrument and/or singing. Students will have weekly group lessons. 

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

The objectives of the course are to ensure that all 1st year music students learn fundamental ensemble performance skills, to enhance the social and academic cohesiveness of the first year cohort, to deepen the students' knowledge of Asian and African music, and to prepare the students for more advanced academic and practical study of music. Learning outcomes will include:

A) Performance-related skills:
  • Ensemble skills: performing effectively as part of a group;
  • Physical dexterity and control (technical mastery of the instrument/voice), together with the necessary powers of sustained concentration and focus.
B) Subject knowledge:
  • Awareness of the basic compositional principles of the music in question, and of the relationship of individual parts to the whole ensemble;
  • Awareness and understanding of the cultural conventions and symbolic meanings associated with the repertoire, instruments and genres studied
C) Personal Skills:
  • ability to work as an integrated member of a team, to respond to partnership and leadership, and to lead others in team-work;
  • ability to react spontaneously and respond to the unexpected;
  • self-motivation and reliability;
  • an appropriate outlook and experience for work in multi-cultural environments.


By arrangement

Method of assessment

One exam (performance & oral) (worth 85%), learning diary (with a 1,000 words self critique) (worth 15%)


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