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Indonesian Language 1

Module Code:
Year of study:
Year 1
Taught in:
Full Year



Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the module, a student should be able to demonstrate…

  1. knowledge and understanding of basic Indonesian grammar
  2. knowledge and understanding of essential Indonesian vocabulary
  3. knowledge and understanding of the appropriateness of basic Indonesian structures and expressions in a given context
  4. the ability to understand short passages in written Indonesian on everyday topics
  5. the ability to produce short passages in written Indonesian on everyday topics
  6. the ability to understand spoken Indonesian and to engage in short spoken discourse on everyday topics


Total of 22 weeks teaching with 4 hours classroom contact per week.

Scope and syllabus

Module for beginners, designed to develop competence in spoken and written Indonesian. The module introduces the basics of Indonesian grammar, through a combination of more formal lectures, and tutorial and drill classes. In addition speaking and listening skills are developed through a combination of group work, and use of audio-visual materials. At the end of the first year, students have all the tools necessary to progress to the guided reading of literary and non-literary texts. So too they will be equipped with a vocabulary of around 1300 words, and able to communicate with confidence in the spoken language, albeit at an elementary level.

Method of assessment

One three-hour written exam (70%) and an oral exam (20%) taken in May/June; 4 class tests taken during the module of the year (10%)

Suggested reading

Online Textbook: 
Secondary Material: 
  • Ellen Raferty. Let’s Speak Indonesia, Book 1. 
  • S Robson & Kurniasih. Basic Indonesian. 
  • Christopher Byrnes. Teach Yourself: Complete Indonesian
  • James Sneddon: Understanding Indonesian Grammar
  • Echols and Shadily: An English Indonesian Dictionary
My Languages: Learn Indonesian 
Listening Materials:


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