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Department of the Languages and Cultures of the Near and Middle East

Turkish 3

Module Code:
Module Not Running 2022/2023
FHEQ Level:
Year of study:
Year 2 or Year 3
Taught in:
Full Year

This module provides teaching and learning of upper intermediate (Independent user CEFR B2) and advanced (proficient user CEFR C1) level Turkish language. It covers a wide variety of newspaper, academic and literary texts covering a wide variety of topics.  Teaching covers reading,writing, listening and speaking as well as linguistic analysis of texts.


Successful completion of Turkish 2 or the equivalent standard of Turkish is required.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of the module, the student should be able to:

  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of advanced Turkish grammar
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a substantial range of Turkish vocabulary
  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a substantial range of Turkish texts
  • demonstrate ability to produce written Turkish at advanced level
  • demonstrate ability to communicate in Turkish at advanced level


A total of 22 weeks teaching with 3 hours classroom contact per week. Students are expected to complete regular assignments to improve skills in reading, writing, translation and conversation.

Scope and syllabus

Reading: Material written in a variety of styles is studied through reading selected texts. The development of the language is studied extensively through representative samples. 

Writing: This skill is developed through writing essays on abstract and complex topics. Emphasis is placed on precise use of syntax and idiomatic expressions. 

Oral-Aural: More advanced communicative and descriptive skills are developed. Students are expected to put forward persuasive and clear arguments in Turkish in class discussions. 

Method of assessment

  • An oral examination in May-June (20%)
  • One unseen written exam in May-June (80%)

Suggested reading

  • Anday, M. C., 1975. Dilimiz Ãœstüne Konusçmalar. Ankara: Türk Dil Kurumu. 
  • Aksoy, Ö. A., 1982. Dil Gercçe©i. Ankara: Türk Dil Kurumu. 
  • Dil Yaz∫lar∫, 1974. 2 vols. Ankara: Türk Dili Kurumu. 
  • Timurtasç, F. K., 1977. Türkcçemiz ve Uydurmac∫l∫k. Istanbul: Bo©azicçi Yay∫nlar∫.


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