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Nepali Language 3

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Module Not Running 2020/2021
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Full Year
This module is designed to provide students with an opportunity to read selected standard texts (short stories, poetry, and essays) from modern Nepali literature and the ability to comprehend the language of the Nepali news media, both print and broadcast. They will develop an ability to translate and summarise, both orally and in writings, and to distinguish critically between different registers of Nepali language.


Students must have completed Nepali 2 and the Nepali Year Abroad programme, or the equivalent achieved elsewhere.

Objectives and learning outcomes of the module

At the end of a module, a student should be able to demonstrate…

  • knowledge and understanding of advanced Nepali grammar
  • knowledge and understanding of an extensive range of Nepali vocabulary
  • knowledge and understanding of the appropriateness of an extensive range of Nepali structures and expressions in a given context
  • the ability to understand passages in written Nepali of medium to extended length on specialised topics
  • the ability to produce passages in written Nepali of medium to extended length on specialised topics
  • the ability to understand spoken Nepali and to engage in spoken discourse of medium to high complexity.


A total of 22 weeks teaching with 2 hours classroom contact per week.

Method of assessment

One two-hour written exam taken inMay/June (60%); one item of coursework as detailed below (25%); one listening and comprehension exam (15%) Coursework: EITHER: Write a biography of a Nepali writer, outlining their major literary achievements and main contributions to Nepali literature. The essay should be written in Nepali and run to 1500 words. Please dicsuss your choice of writer with us and we will help you to compile a reading list. OR: Produce a Nepali translation of an English newspaper article on contemporary political developments in Nepal. This will run to approximately 1500 words. The text to be translated will be supplied by us.

Suggested reading

During the module, students will read about 12 articles of medium length on various topics of interests drawn from the Nepali newspapers and magazines. They will also listen to a series of 10 minute tape recordings from the Nepal television news broadcasts and BBC Nepali Service. Besides that they will also watch the video clips on Nepal related topics. The media related classes will alternate with classes dedicated to reading a selection of modern literary texts, drawn primarily from M.J. Hutt's Modern Literary Nepali: An Introductory Reader. Students will be required to develop a critical response to these texts, both in class and in written form. Homework will consist of writing English translations and Nepali summaries of selected texts and transmissions.


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